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Did Ninja really wear the black costume?
Book title : Reality of Japanese tradition.
Author : Seido Fujii
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Quote from the book

"Fortunately, peacefull time goes on in Edo period. Around 1760's, fictional Ninja or Ninjutsu started appearing in theatre or books. Jiraiya, Tobikato, Goemon Ishikawa...etc.  In theatre, Ninja had to be distinguished easilly. So the black Ninja costume was beginning to seen in Joruri or Kabuki at the time. 
Wearing such a costume in real world was like appealing that I was a suspicious man."

"Sexy Kunoichi Ninja was most likely invented by Futaro Yamada."

"It was said that Ryotaro Shiba or Sanpei Shirato were the ones who brought ranks in Ninja society.
 Bansenshukai described Jonin but it meant a Ninja who's good at Ninjutsu and there was no Chunin or Genin."
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Climbing a wall with Ninja Sword myth

One of well known Ninjustu "Using a sword as a step when climbing a wall." 
I'm not sure who or when the myth was created but there's a description about it on the Edo period book called "Kenko Shinron" (剣甲新論 1865) written by Oken Suzuki.
The book is about swords.

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コレに関して江戸後期の文書「剣甲新論」 にこのような記述があるそう。
<『剣甲新論』慶応紀元乙丑晩秋新刻・水藩 鈴木黄軒>


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Ninja recorded on Korean historical record
If you are expecting Korean Ninja, sorry not.
This is rather a proof of there was no Ninja in Korea.

Annals of Joseon Dynasty
Jungjong annals 15
Jungjong 7th May 5th (1512 May)
This record was written 2 years after Sanbo-No-Ran (Riot by Japanese settlers in Korea)

The Japanese prisoner Yoshira (要時羅) testified to the interpreter 

"I tell you everything I know because I'm gonna have to be Korean rest of my life.
The Japanese whose family members were killed during the riot asked the lord of Tsushima (So clan) to send troops.

The lord said if they don't make peace, he would plan to send troops to Koje(巨濟).
It is obvious they will come within this year.
It is only 48soku from Tsushima to here, Koreans won't be able to defend if they land during dawn.
And what is more, there are Shinomi(時老未) in Hakata(花加大).
They are good at disguise. They can sneak into enemy camp like mouse, escape like bird.
No guard can notice.
Tsushima recruited them to set fire on camps.
I heard people from Tsushima talking about it."

The testimony was reported to King and King told to The Military Affairs.
The Military Affairs told to King "What Yoshira said about Tsushima brings people good at disguise from Hakata is ridiculous, it's obvious the story is for scaring us.
But asking Tsushima to take revenge seems to be true. It is better to order to secure defence."

According to Professor Shosuke Murai (Tokyo University), Yoshira is Yoshiro(与四郎) , Shinomi is Shinobi. This testimony proves there were Shinobi in Hakata area in those days. (Of course Hakata is Kyushu Japan) And that means Sengoku war lords were hiring Shinobi.
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The Watanabe Documents

The Watanabe Documents(150 pages) was discovered in 2000. Koka city has researched the documents since last year and they released some info.

According to Sankei's report, the documents contain exprosive's recipe, instructions for Musket and horseback riding, and some occult arts.

During Edo period, they were hired as "Oshinobi-yaku" by Owari Tokugawa clan.
"Oshinobi-yaku" was like part time job, they were called only needed.
Otherwise, they were living as common farmer.

Nikkei's report says, Oshinobi-yaku was secret contract.
They found 10 written pledges of keeping it secret from family and friends between 1700 ~ 1829.

It seems the Ninjutsu documents were only 17 pages(include the pledges?) 
Koka city is going to publish the documents.

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Oniwaban Kawamura Nagataka

Quotes from this book

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Historical Ninja researcher Isoda Michifumi on Pod Cast



"This is an old Ninjutsu scroll sold in 8000 Yen. I thought Ninja chain maile was made with iron but this scroll says warp thread is hemp, weft thread is egg plant tree. This is strong enough to block sword and spear. I don't think it blocks spear but probably it prevents sword slashing."

"Ninja scroll usually contains 'no way' technics. For example this says put yam juice around your nose when you are in water then you can breathe. Or write Manji shape on your chest then you won't get drowned."

"Jingu Baseball Stadium (Shibuya) used to be residents for Koka-kumi. There was shooting range."
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Mie University plans to research Akutagawa Ninjutsu
From Shinano Mainichi 2016 Feb 24

The Akutagawa family was retainer of Lord Toda of Matsumoto and had a root in Koka.
The Akutagawa texts (Ninjutsu Menkyo and etc) have been known but never really researched academically.
One of the texts "Koka Onjutsu Gokuhi" describes "A windy day, (Ninja) flew with a giant kite and dropped fire(bomb?) on the castle"
Mie University professor Yamada Yuji said the Ninjutsu is uniquely Akutagawa ryu but needs to be verified whether it's possible or not.
He will release a book of his research in this coming June.
【2016/04/14 11:41 】 | Ninja History | 有り難いご意見(0)
百人番所 (Hyakunin-bansho) 100 samurai guardhouse of Edo-jo Castle in Tokyo

(Old Guards House)
Working place for (former)Ninja who used to protect the Edo castle.
There are several guard houses(known as checkpoints) from ohtemon to the main edo castle building.
The most strict checkpoint was called “hundred-guards house”.
(Hyakunin means 100 persons.)

At that time, Negoro, Iga, Kōka and Nijugoki were guarding the castle as a last guard house.
Buffon note
If you know some Ninja history, you know Ieyasu hired many Musket Ashigaru from Iga, Koka region when he started new Shogunate government.
They were given Dōshin class which was low rank Samurai.
So they were no longer Ninjas but Tokugawa retainers.

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Ninjutsu in Nakano Army School Curriculum
Ref Code C01004864700
Document title 教育用器材特別支給の件 (Educational materials special issue)
昭和15年10月10日(10 Oct 1940)

Front page

Page 8 忍術用具(Ninjutsu tools)
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