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【2020/03/30 16:47 】 |
Hapkido : Choi Yong Sool didn't learn from Sokaku.
Korean paper Joong Ang Ilbo provoked Hapkido issue again.

Title "Is Hapkido a Japanese martial art? Knower doesn't think so"


"Hapkido is one of popular martial arts in Korea but has many disputes because Hapkido and Aikido are in same chinese characters, founder Choi Yong Sool first learnt Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu from Takeda Sokaku so people recognize Hapkido is a Japanese martial art."

"So many different associations and each Hapkido dojo teaches different techniques, many disciples open new dojo just after learning a few months. "

"Researcher Lee Ho Cheol says : Hapkido is strictly Korean culture. People should recognize its superiority rather than pointing out the bad side."

"Indonesia and Malaysia do not dispute origin of Silat."

"Choi learnt Daito-ryu from Sokaku with Ueshiba Morihei. Ueshiba started Aikido, Choi started Hapkido."

"There is a theory that Daito-ryu was originated in Three Kindoms era Korea."

"Some people suggest to change name but Hapkido is already well known name world wide and origin dispute exists only in Korea."

The purpose of the article is that Hapkido was from Aiki Jujutsu but Korean added kickings'n stuffs so now it's Korean martial art. (Same theory as TKD)
The article sounds like it's wasting to dispute origin of Hapkido but never forget to insert it  originated in Three Kingdoms hoax. 
Such a theory exists only among Korean ethno centrists.

Another hoax in the article is Choi learnt from Sokaku.
As I said on "Verification of Hapkido History" video, there's no trace that Choi was Sokaku's pupil. Sokaku didn't own a dojo, he taught to people who paid and invited him.
Sokaku left the record and Choi wasn't listed.
【2017/11/02 09:58 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
Korean military in 1894
This is my scrap booking for Korean martial arts research.

Problems of the Far East: Japan - Korea - China 1894
George Nathaniel Curzon

The true comicality, however, of the Korean by military, of a species unique in the world.
The infantry lined the roadway, and were for the most part lying asleep upon the ground.
They had almost as many flags as men; and their muskets, which I examined as they stood piled together, were commonly destitute either of hammer, trigger, or plate, sometimes of all three, and were frequently only held together by string ; while the bayonets were bent and rusty.

Infinitely more remarkable, however, were the cavalry. These were clad in uniforms probably some 300 years old, consisting of a battered helmet with a spike, and of a cuirass of black leather studded with brass bosses, and worn over a heavy jerkin of moth-eaten brocade.

Enormous jack-boots completed the costume, and rendered it difficult for the men to mount their steeds, even although these were rarely more than eleven hands high. Banners of yellow, red, and green, with a tuft of pheasant-feathers at the top, and stacks of arrows, were carried in front of the officers, who were with difficulty supported by squires upon their pyramidal saddles. The middle of the roadway was supposed to be kept clear, and was strewn with a riband of sand, about a foot and a half in breadth ; but this was trampled upon and scattered almost as soon as sprinkled.

Throughout the morning processions of ministers, courtiers, and officials passed along on their way to or from the Palace. The majority of these were borne by shouting retainers in open chairs, on the back of which rested a leopard-skin. In some cases the sedan was also supported by a single leg underneath, terminating in a wheel, which ran along the middle of the roadway, easing the burden and increasing the pace of the bearers in front and behind.
Some of the officials wore gilt helmets of pasteboard, with Chinese characters upon the back. The Chinese Resident, the principal personage in the city, as representing the suzerain power, dashed past in a black velvet sedan, swiftly borne by stalwart Celestials with red tassels.
Upon either side of the street the white-robed crowd were pressed back against the house-fronts, and were prodded by the soldiers with their muskets, or spanked by active runners, who laid about them liberally with long wooden paddles.
On the occasion of the previous procession the mob had been suffered to approach too nearly to the person of royalty ; and a notification had in consequence appeared in the Official Gazette, docking the Minister of War of three months' salary for his faulty arrangements.
【2016/06/27 12:58 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
Korea : Washington D.C. Cherry Blossoms came from Korea
History of the Cherry Blossom Trees and Festival

Each year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival commemorates the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo to the city of Washington, DC. The gift and annual celebration honor the lasting friendship between the United States and Japan and the continued close relationship between the two countries

According to ANN News, Chinese and Korean organizations are offering sponsorship to National Cherry Blossom Festival under the table with this condition - The festival must be renamed to Asian Festival.
【2016/03/30 09:16 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
Haedong Gumdo is copy of Japanese sword arts
【2016/03/03 12:52 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
Martial Arts Uriginal Issue on Korean News
Martial Arts Column http://biz.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=20141114000745

결론부터 이야기하면, 적어도 무술과 관련된 부분에서는, 이 책이 주장하고 있는 사실에 대해서 반박을 할 수가 없다는 점이다. 국내에서 수련되고 있는 가장 알려진 무술 4가지를 꼽는다면, 태권도, 합기도, 검도, 유도 정도가 될 것이다.

As for the part of martial arts on this book (Kenkanryu), I can't object. Most popular martial arts in Korea are Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kumdo, Yudo.

이 4가지 무술은 모두 정도의 차이가 있기는 하지만 일본의 영향을 받은 무술이다. 유구한 역사를 가진 ‘한국의 전통무술’이 아니라는 것이다.

The 4 MA were all affected by Japan on one level or another. They are not "Traditional Korean MA" with a long history.
【2014/12/06 23:51 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
Uriginal 2014 Nov - Washi Paper
'Washi' traditional paper-making set to be tacked onto UNESCO list
October 28, 2014

Koreans claim Washi paper is copy of Korean paper.
和紙「韓国発祥」の噴飯 不可解すぎる“ウリジナル”
2014年11月09日 07時00分

Annals of Joseon
Sejong sillok 10 (1428) July 1

上謂代言等曰: “聞日本國有百篇《尙書》, 可令通信使購來。 且倭紙堅韌, 造作之法, 亦宜傳習。” 知申事鄭欽之啓: “日本國多産金, 以紬苧布買來何如?” 上曰: “進獻金銀, 如不得蠲免, 買來進貢可也。”

King told "I heard Japan has 100 Book of Documents. Have messengers purchase them. And Washi paper is strong and soft, have them learn how to make it."
Chong Kin asked "Japan produces plenty of gold. How about exchange it with textiles?"
King said "If we don't have enough gold and silver for tributing to China, let's buy it."

【2014/11/14 13:09 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
Chinese tourist "Korean museum is full of hoax"
"I'm not an anti but...a Chinese traveled in S.Korea. Stunned by shocking remarks the tour guide said..Never want to go to Korea"

最後に自然博物館を訪れたのだが、ここでは歴史と文化についてのホラ吹きが始まった。「韓国の歴史は非常に長く、考察可能な形跡があるものでも5000年 の歴史を持ちます。そして、済州島では1万年前から人類が居住していたと言われています。中国でも5000年ですよね。われわれ韓国は小さいですが、中国 の歴史に引けを取りません」と説明した。そして、韓国ドラマの話になると「韓国ドラマは世界でもっとも好かれているテレビドラマです」と言った。

Lastly we visited Natural Museum, the guide started history and culture hoax.
"Korean history is very long, 5000 years examinable history. Human in Jejudo existed 10000 years ago. In China, it's only 5000 years ago. Korea is small but history is as long as China." she explained. And when talked about Korean soap opera "Korean drama is the most favorited TV drama in the world" she said.


She talked about cosmetic surgery "It's not because Koreans are ugly. Koreans believe beauty is respect to other people. We Koreans are naturaly beautiful, but even beautiful women fix the face to show respect to others."
【2014/11/08 14:56 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
Korean scholars called ” Journey to the West ” also originated in Korea

 [ World Wide Web roundup we all know , " Journey to the West " is one of China's four famous , original for WuChengEn . " Journey to the West " not only in the Chinese mainland, overseas has also been repeatedly remade into movies and TV series. But South Korea is still some scholars on the " Origins" issue Chinese classical literature suspicious. Japan Livedoor News Network August 8 Journal article said that as much as South Korean scholars believe , " " Journey to the West " originated in Korea ."

Reported that the reason why the scholars raised this insight , because China Suizhou will be August 9 to 10 held a ” Journey to the West ” related seminars. Journey participants will conduct academic myth from Suizhou defined and the United Nations intends to apply ” ” Journey to the West ” birthplace ” title. In this regard , some Korean scholars expressed dissatisfaction. A study of Korean scholars engaged in myth claimed that “Over the years studied Korean scholars proved that the” Journey to the West ” originated in Korea , China ‘s government and academia is just wishful thinking that ” Journey to the West ” originated in China , in my opinion , this is really overreaching , simply ridiculous. their approach is historical irresponsible . “

In order to increase their persuasiveness , the scholar also provides so-called evidence , ” ” Journey to the West ” originated in Korea ,” the . He said: “Road Temple preserved the scriptures of the Tripitaka Master sutras brought back at the same time , and now South Korea’s Jirisan story called ‘ Flower and Fruit ‘, folk also spread Jiri mountain monkey god lived . legends , which are consistent with the ” Journey to the West ” plot . ” he also said that they would pay close attention to trends in China and South Korea to send scholars to participate in Suizhou seminar.

more on http://www.enews163.com/2014/08/09/korean-scholars-called-journey-to-the-west-also-originated-in-korea-korea-huaguoshan-42780.html

【2014/08/16 14:20 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
Comparison of Korea & Japan : swords
日本刀と韓国刀の比較 Comparison of Korea & Japan : swords
【2014/06/03 14:07 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
Comparison of Korea & Japan : making a sword
日本刀と韓国刀の作り方の比較 Comparison of Korea & Japan : making a sword

【2014/06/03 13:58 】 | Uriginal Issue | 有り難いご意見(0)
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