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【2019/09/22 12:38 】 |
Ishikawa Goemon Ninja Theory 石川五右衛門忍者説

Where Ishikawa Goemon = Ninja theory originated from?
It's Zokkinhiseidan a novel published in Edo period.



According to Zokkinhiseidan
There was a  man named Bungo in Iga, he became Momochi Sandayu's student, learned Ninjutsu. But he had an affair with Sandayu's wife, killed Sandayu's corcubine and robbed money.
He ran away to Kyoto and became Great thief, named himself Ishikawa Goemon.
When he attempted to assassinate Hideyoshi, the insense burner on the side made noise, then he was captured and boiled alive.


It sounds so fictional.
Then when did Zokkinhiseidan was written?
According to Associate professor Isoda Michifumi


Zokkinhiseidan was banned book during Edo period.
The book was secretly copied and handed down to today.
One of the copies in a museum in Aichi was written in 1667.
According to Hosoya who's Japanese literature researcher, it is possible that Zokkinhiseidan was written much earlier than what we think.



Isoda's research on Ishikawa Goemon
There are different theories where Goemon was born.
According to Isshiki Gunki, he was born in 1582 as a son of castellan of Ikuchi castle. His father was retainer of Isshiki clan.
Isshiki clan was on Akechi's side so his father and older brother were killed.
Goemon was abled to escape and became historic thief.


So Goemon was son of Ishikawa Saemonnojo Hidekado, he became thief after his family were gone.
But the source was "Gunki"
Gunki is a kind of novel.
Everything on Gunki isn't incorrect but it is necessary to find other back-ups.


That is called Ishikawa Goemon was from Tango theory.
According to the research group in Tango,

昭和四十四年に発刊された「野田川町誌」 では、地元の郷土史家たちが本格的に資料の収集、分析を行い、その結果が「石川五右衛門の出生地考」として収録されている。
さて、そのいきさつを同町幾地に住む郷土史研究家、 浪江重雄さん(六三)の説明でひもといてみよう。     
それによるとまず、舞鶴市立西図書館にある『丹後 旧事記(くじき)』という本が登場する。この本は、江戸時代初期から中期にかけて編さんされたものらしいが、 丹後地方史を語るうえで比較的価値の高い資料だという。その中に、「秀門、天正十年田辺城(宮津城説もある)にて討死、嫡男文吾秀澄は弓木山の戦(与謝郡岩滝町)に討死す。次男五良左衛門はのち大閤秀吉公の伏見城にはいり千鳥の香炉を盗んだが、仙石権兵衛につかまり、京都七条河原にて御仕置うける」との記述がある。

"History of Nodagawa-cho" was published in 1968 by local history researchers and the book contained "Birth place of Ishikawa Goemon"
One of the researchers Namie explained,
There's a book called "Tango Kujiki"(Old things of Tango) in Maizuru West library.
The book was compiled between early to middle Edo period and it is comparatively reliable source when talk about history of Tango.
The book says "Hidekado killed in Tanabe castle in 1582, Oldest son Bungo Hidezumi was killed in the battle of Yumikiyama. Second son Gorozaemon sneaked into Fushimi castle to steal Hideyoshi's insense burner, but he was captured by Sengoku Gonbei, executed at reverside of 7Jo, Kyoto."

「丹後 旧事記」は一色軍記より古いもののようだ。

Tango Kujiki seems to be older than Isshiki Gunki.
There's another discovery, descendant of Grozaemon's sister publicized historical document in 1964.

五右衛門幾地出生説は、この秀門の嫡男、文吾秀澄の妹、菊寿が嫁いだ坂根斎――秀門の次の城主、その後代々庄屋を務める―― の子孫(養子)が名のりをあげたことで急浮上した。この人は、大阪市内に住む坂根さんで、坂根家十五代日になる。昭和三十九年、同家で「代々家宝として間外不出、 人に見せてはならぬ」との口伝が残る系図が見つかった。系図には「文化十二年(一八一五)写す」と記されているが、それには、石川次郎秀廉から始まり、石川左衛門尉秀門へ、 そしてその下に右から連名で、文吾秀澄、菊寿、五良左衛門とある。つまり『丹後旧事記』の中に登場した「次男五良左衛門」が、 初めて実在する他の資料の中に浮かびあがった、という訳でる。

The Goemon Tango theory was surfaced when descendant of Gorozaemon's sister came out.
He's the 15th head of Sakane clan.
In 1964, the family tree paper was discovered in his house, they were told the family tree was not allowed to show other people for generations. (But they never seen it actually)
The family tree was copied in 1815, it started from Ishikawa Jiro Hideyasu, there's Hidekado and his children Hidezumi, Kikuju, and Gorozaemon.
In short, Gorozaemon on Tango Kujiki appeared on actual historical record.


It is unclear whether Gorozaemon and Goemon were same person or not.
But there's the common episode of Hideyoshi's insense burner.
Though it is still mystery why he became a thief.
One of the most reliable source of Ishikawa Goemon is,

「都を荒らしまわる盗賊団があり、其の中の15人の頭目が官憲に捕えられ、京都三条の川原で生きたまま煮られた」(『日本王国記』1656年著)という記述があり、当時イエズス会の京都修道院長だったペドロという人物が、これらの盗賊の首領の名前を「ixicava goyemon」だったと注釈している。

“Relación del Reino de Nippon a que llaman corruptamente Jappon”(1656)
Bernardino de Avila Giron described "There was execution of 15 bandits in Kyoto, they were boiled alive at riverside of 3jo."
Pedro Morejon the spanish missionary who was in Kyoto at the time noted the leader of the bandits was "Ixicava goyemon"



It is historical fact that the man called Ishikawa Goemon was excuted as the leader of bandits in Kyoto.
And Isoda concluded Ishikawa Goemon and Ishikawa Gorozaemon were same person.
As oftenly said "Ninjutsu is skill of thief" Shinobi and thief were the same kind. (I think that is the reality of Shinobi)
Zokkinhiseidan was written based on Goemon-Gorozaemon episode with Ninja fiction.
Anyway there's no historical evidence of connection between Goemon and Iga or Momochi.

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