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  • 2020.01
Chosonninja on Antony Cummins
This is my memo for the Chosonninja discussion.

You got it all wrong. I am boldly going to point out that not only Martial Arts and spying along with arts of war principles was introduced from Korea and China but also rice, imperialistic values and architectural structures to pottery, clothing to even the spoons they use to eat with and many many other things that surrounding weapons from tools to Armour , lets nit forget religion etc etc

Lets do this right if you want to point out what i know about the forgotten brothers.

Let me ask you a simple question because of my own lack of understanding. I have always said that Baekje were Koreans and Chinese through bloodlines and even marriages. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baekje was 1 of the 3 kingdom of CHINA???? And this is your debate to take Korea out of the picture and steal their credits?

Let me get this straight? So if anyone who is bias adds more lies and calls them "theory" to the truth and make about 6 more. Then I guess Hata clan and their silk trading efforts through KOREA will be more lost because of more theory? Isn't this propaganda tactics?

If you want to be fair.- prove I fabricated all my stories (theory) which my opposition claims. If even one theory agrees with what I was taught...this makes me a liar because of 3 others?

Is this how it works?

note-Choson think theory is same as lie.

I never said Takamatsu taught Kim Kei mei ninjutsu. Your fabricating and misleading comments here is disappointing. You have to lie or are you going to actually show fairness and honesty.

For the record, i said: Takamatsu went to learn from Kim Kei Mei 18 different Martial Arts and my teacher knew of this. Stop lying and misguiding others with your twisted lies.

Because Sayaga was not mentioned by the Japanese records, I suppose Kim Chung Seon and all the artifacts and written history on him is not admissible? This doesn't qualify as actually tangible evidence right?

I am really glad that you are here.
Any insult will be removed so don't worry.
So you want to talk about Sayaka right?
OK, here's the reason why Sayaka is suspicous.
First of all, there were Japanese who deserted "Army" during Imjin war and settled in Korea, they were called 降倭 and I recognize it's true.
But why I think Sayaka seemed to be fictional is
1. His name. Sa-Yaka is clearly not Japanese name.

2. His grandchild wrote Sayaka's biography and the title was 慕夏堂文集, 慕夏 means "Admire China" which is the sense of Sinocentrism that Koreans had.
3. And the grandchild even don't remember his Sayaka's Japanese name.
4. The biography said Sayaka had 辛卯式戸籍 which described Sayaka's father~grandfather~great grandfather's names and they were all non-Japanese names.
5. 辛卯式戸籍 was not Japanese system but Korean system.
6. There was no possibility that a soldier to have 3000 men.

correction-the grandchild even don't remember his Sayaka's Japanese name.>>the grandchild even didn't remember Sayaka's Japanese name.
7. Sayaka was not listed on Kato Kiyomasa's Jindatesho.
So I think Sayaka was a symbol of 降倭.
Some Koreans in those days might wanted to be Japanese.
When the Japanese invaded Korea, slave class Koreans 奴婢 welcomed the invasion.

Let me make a video for you first. Lets get Sayaga out of the way and prove to me this is a myth or a lie. Prove me wrong even 10%.

Fair enough?

Many questions and point are being added now to this video through comments.

I ask all of you to now bare with me...Because it now appears that the original "Probability" is not only the issue but right down to the nitty grity theory and evidence.

I shall provide "notes" for you to prove or give me evidence that its false. The burden of proof shall be on your hands. Fair enough? All I have is traditions and what was told to me...Remember that!

YOur the one who comes and makes arguements. You do want me to respond don;t you?

If Sayaga isnt real and you continue to cast doubts or make it into a myth or theory...what arguments do I have as to the roots of what my teacher claims and taught me? I am going to make sure all the viewers are getting all the information with STICKING TO THE EVIDENCE.

Its that important to me. Does Antony need to explain the rules of this game or is your agenda only suppose to be acknowledged?

Kato had Sayaga lead a "special team" aside from the regular army. Of Course this doesn't sound like a SHOINOBI team now does it???

My teacher told me this is "Kooka" because the Shaika shu Ninja were limited and their tactic were less superior to Kooka techniques and these Ninja families were actually friends and shared. Including IGA and KOGA. Is this a lie too?

If this is news to you and your suppose to be on your home field and you don't know that not all techniques were the same and they even shared when they fought a war together. It my fault now is it Ninja expert BuffonMusa?

【2010/10/28 11:06 】 | ChosonNinja | 有り難いご意見(12) | トラックバック(0)
<<朝鮮忍者vs英国紳士 Part1 ~ 8 | ホーム | 伊賀衆 群を抜く強さ>>
In defense of Chosun
I think its really sad to see a bunch of adults attacking Mr. Park. I think its very immature and if you disagree with what he has to offer then go your own separate way and be respectful.

No one has proven anything about Mr.park like scottbaioisdead: thinks he did but grabbing a book off a shelve and quoting certain things from a book anybody can do that and make it look like there right.
【2010/11/30 03:32】| | Jake #304b92b73c [ 編集 ]

In defense of Chosun
I think its a shame that there is people that jealous of Mr. Park that they would make immature video's calling him names and slandering him just because they disagree with him. That show's how immature people are.
【2010/11/30 03:35】| | Jake #304b92b73c [ 編集 ]

and for the record I will make it an effort to take down any video's that slander Mr. Park in any way! That's a promise.
【2010/11/30 03:37】| | Jake #304b92b73c [ 編集 ]

Jake, you act exaclly like cult member.
There is no people who jealous of Chosonninja.
Only you cult guys believe so.
Greg's proven fraud.
【2010/11/30 10:10】| | cult warning #2eeda7ad75 [ 編集 ]

>because they disagree with him, blah blah blah,,,

Why do people have necessity agreeing with a Liar?

By the way, the clearness objection from people to a fool behavior of greg paku was saved in the next comment column.




【2010/11/30 10:24】| | HouzanSuzuki #55513bef81 [ 編集 ]

That's funny a cult there isn't a cult at all you must be watching to much fear.net! LMAO
【2010/11/30 10:45】| | Jake #304b92b73c [ 編集 ]

That is exactly what the problem is Jealousy!
【2010/11/30 10:47】| | Jake #304b92b73c [ 編集 ]

oh and show the proof i still haven't seen any proof that Mr. Park is a fraud! I only see books being thrown at him and saying he is a fraud anyone can throw books and yell fraud!
【2010/11/30 10:53】| | Jake #304b92b73c [ 編集 ]

You people that are acting like immature middle school kids need to do something more productive with your lives instead of harassing and slandering good people like Mr. park!
【2010/11/30 10:56】| | Jake #304b92b73c [ 編集 ]

and here is a great idea if you want Mr. Parks skill level than try working hard to achieve his skill level that might be how you can obtain that skill level!
【2010/11/30 10:59】| | Jake #304b92b73c [ 編集 ]

or pull books from the shelf and quote things and yell fraud and act like little babies that need there diaper changed.
【2010/11/30 11:00】| | Jake #304b92b73c [ 編集 ]

lol insane
【2010/12/01 01:21】| | * #2eeda7ad75 [ 編集 ]



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